Esthetics Program - Full Time/Time 1000 hours
Day Classes: Monday-Friday 8am-4pm (full-time)

The Esthetics Program prepares students for a career as a licensed esthetician working in the beauty industry in establishments such as medical spas or medi spas, dermatology offices or clinics, day spas & salons, independent spa rooms, destination spas, in make-up artistry, etc.

Students learn:​
-European & Custom Blend Facials
-Eyebrow Shaping
-Lash Extension
-Body Contouring
-Body Waxing & Brazilian Waxing
-Body Treatments
-LED Light Therapy
-Oxygen Facials
-Chemical Resurfacing
-Makeup Application
-Airbrush Makeup
-Sunless Spray Tanning
-Business Skills, Social Media Marketing, Pre-Booking, Upgrading, Retailing
-Job Search Skills, Resumes, Mock Interviews and much more

Esthetics Curriculum
-Advanced Esthetics
-Advanced Esthetics Applications
-Special Topics Theory
-Related Subjects Estheticians
-Facial Treatments
-Facial Machines
-Skin Functions
-Bacteriology and Sanitation
-State Board Review


Purchasing Student Kit Items
Students have the option to purchase their student kit in whole or in part from the school or purchase the kit in whole or in part independently. Any independently purchased student kit items must meet the criteria outlined below to be acceptable for use at Alabama School of Barbering, LLC.

Returns of Student Kit Items
Student kit items provided by the school are non returnable. Once items are opened and unpacked, we are unable to issue those items to another student if returned. We must provide all students who purchase new student kit items with new and unused items to ensure equity to all students. 

Student Pricing & Student Purchasing Accounts
Some beauty suppliers require proof that you are a student to sign up for an account to purchase or receive student pricing for items.

You may use your acceptance letter as documentation. If you need additional documentation, please email with information on what type of documentation you need, and we will provide it.

Esthetics Student Kit Use
Student kit products and items are used by students when performing services on each other and on their designated family members. In some cases, kit items are used on student salon & spa guests.

Depending on the situation, students may apply their own kit products to another student in a service or have another student apply the products on themselves using the products from the kit of the person receiving the service.

List of Items
The list below details the items needed in the student kit with notes on acceptable alternatives:

Milady Standard Foundations with Standard Esthetics: Fundamentals, 12th edition Textbook
-Esthetics Mannequin - Mannequins must be PVC or similar sanitizeable material and have the full head and shoulders.
-Eyebrow Practice Palette - A palette or set of palettes with 4 sets of eyebrows for practice tweezing and shaping
-Make Up Set - Kit or individual tools including: Eye Shadow, Concealer, Blush, Foundation, Lipstick)
-Plastic Angled Edge Spatula Kit
-Round Facial Brush - Must be able to be sanitized
-Esthetic Tool Kit - Kit or individual tools including:
       -Single loop comedone extractor
       -Lancet and extractor
       -Dual loop skin care tool
       -Slanted tweezer
       -Splinter tweezer
Eyelash Kit - Lash supplies that include:
       -Pack of short black flares
       -Pack of medium black flares
       -4 sets of eyelash strips
       -Clear eyelash adhesive
       -Black eyelash adhesive
       -Eyelash scissor

* Prices are subject to change at any time without notice, and the new price will apply to new enrollments only. Please note that State Board Exam Fees and Licensing fees, are not included where applicable. Student kit items may be substituted by the school in accordance with the guidelines above due to availability changes and price changes.