Barbering Program - Full Time/Time
Parttime Classes Available
Tuition Cost: Financing options available
Course Length:
1000 Clock Hours/Up to 12 Months
Course Schedule
Day Time:
9:00am-5:00 pm

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Description: The Barbering Program prepares students for a career as a barber working in the beauty industry. Barbering is an art form that requires the skill and understanding of the principles behind every haircut. Alabama School of Barbering offer Alabama state approved Master Barber and Barber II programs which combine both theory and practical training as preparation for license examinations. Our educators believe in removing the clipper guards at 1000 hours. The knowledge an skill of these freehand techniques prepare our graduate for both the AL state board exam and helps them compete at a high level once practicing in the industry.

••Prices are subject to change at any time. Kits, books and uniforms are not included.

 What You'll Learn

This course focuses on giving you hands-on experience in an interactive learning environment. It strategically focuses on teaching natural hair care, sanitization and professionalism.

 -Hair Color & Lightening
 -Technical Haircutting
 -Perms & Relaxers
 -Straight Razor Shaving
 -Business Skills, Social Media Marketing, Pre-Booking, Upgrading, Retailing
 -Job Search Skills, Resumes, Mock Interviews
 -Much more!

Barbering Curriculum

-History, law, image, and management
  -Sanitation and disinfection
 -Cutting, shaping, and styling
 -Shampooing and rinses
 -Anatomy and physical sciences
 -Skin, scalp, and hair
 -Shaving, design, and hairpieces
 -Chemical waving
 -State Board Review

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Barbering Student Kit Purchasing Guideline

Purchasing Student Kit Items

Students have the option to purchase their student kit in whole or in part from the school or purchase the kit in whole or in part independently. Any independently purchased student kit items must meet the criteria outlined below to be acceptable for use at Alabama School of Barbering, LLC.

Returns of Student Kit Items

Student kit items provided by the school are non returnable once they are opened from original packaging (except as noted in the list below). Once items are opened and unpacked, we are unable to issue those items to another student if returned. We must provide all students who purchase new student kit items with new and unused items to ensure equity to all students. All items that are unopened and undamaged are returnable. 

Student Pricing & Student Purchasing Accounts

Some beauty suppliers require proof that you are a student to sign up for an account to purchase or receive student pricing for items.You may use your acceptance letter as documentation. If you need additional documentation, please email with information on what type of documentation you need, and we will provide it.The school does not guarantee that any supplier will allow accepted students to purchase. There are public purchase options available for all items. 

list of items

The list below details the minimum items needed in the student kit with notes on acceptable alternatives: 

 -Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition -Textbook
 -Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition Workbook
 -Milady Standard Barbering, 6th Edition Exam Review
 -Male Mannequin with Full Beard - Mannequins must have human hair with 18-20 inch length.  
 -Mannequin Clamp with Extenders - Mannequin clamps must be able to clamp on to a horizontal surface like a counter or table. Clamps with height adjustment or extenders are preferred.
 -Babyliss Nano Titanium Dryer - Substitute hair dryers must be professional use. 1800-2000 watt dryers       recommended.
 -Wahls Clipper with Guards and Trimmer Combo - Substitutes must be professional use (not home use) with a guard set from the manufacturer or universal guards that fit the clipper.
 -Shear and Straight Razor Set - Our set comes with a 5.5 inch Hattori Hanzo cutting shear, shear case, texturizing shears, razor, and 10 replacement blades. Substitutes must be professional cutting shears with a blade from 5.25-5.75 inches, texturizing shear, razor, and 5-10 replacement blades. We recommend purchasing shears or shear sets with a retail value of over $100. 
 -Vent Brush - Any vent brush can substitute.
 -Professional Styling Comb Kit - Can be purchased in a comb kit or separately. 8-10 Assorted combs of different types other than standard styling combs such as detangling, steel-tip, tapered, teasing, rat tail, pin tail, etc.
 -Spray Bottle - Any spray bottle can substitute. Spray bottles should be intended for beauty services and not cleaning.
 -Butterfly Clips - Any butterfly clips can substitute. Must have 12 clips.
 -Gator Clips - Any gator or croc clips can substitute. Must have 4 clips.
 -Cutting Cape - Any all black cutting cape with no design or printing can substitute.
 -Chemical Cape - Any all black chemical cape with no design or printing can substitute.
 -Alabama School of Barbering, LLC Bag - Any duffle bag, suitcase or container that can hold the entire kit (or large majority of the kit) can substitute.
 -1 Alabama School of Barbering LLC uniform
 -Student ID - Provided Free of charge
 -Welcome Packet - Provided free of charge.